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Coaster Competition: Superman: Ultimate Flight vs. Firehawk

September 22, 2011

Coaster Competitions are pretty much the same as the Coaster Critic’s Coaster Showdowns (I get a lot of ideas from his site). I will compare and contrast two coasters that are alike in one way or another. Today’s Coaster Competition is between two flying coasters, Superman: Ultimate Flight (SUF) at Six Flags over Georgia an Firehawk at Kings Island. They are both very different for flying coasters.



While neither coaster has much theming SUF is painted in the colors of Superman, Red, Blue, and Yellow. It also has large posters in the line. Firehawk really has no theming whatsoever. The winner here is Superman: Ultimate Flight.


Firehawk is on a dirt lot with a small road traveling under it. Superman is situated on a hill which is kind of nice. SUF is the winner here too.


Superman has the world’s first Pretzel Loop, this is pretty much a vertical loop turned upside down so that you start at the top, it also has a tunnel and an In Line Twist. Firehawk has four half twists including one at the top of the hill which is pretty cool. It also has a Vertical Loop, double heartline roll (are they really heartline if you are flying?), and a helix. As much as I love Pretzel Loops, I have to give this win to Firehawk because it has more than one notable element.

Even though Firehawk got the best layout, SUF has a better overall ride. So the winner of this Coaster Competition is Superman: Ultimate Flight.

You can read my Firehawk review here.

Your can read my Superman: Ultimate Flight review here.


What do you think? Should Firehawk have won? Please comment. Thanks for reading 🙂



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  1. Matt P permalink

    Cool match. Ive only been on one flying coaster, SUF at six flags great adventure. Anyway, I think tatsu vs SUF would have been too fitting as they are both B&M flyers. But tatsu probrably would have dominated SUF in every category. So this was good. I want to try a vekoma flyer, but hopefully they arent too painful. I really want to try tatsu, and probrably will in 2 years to my possible trip to SFMM.

    • I didn’t do a Tatsu vs. Superman post for that very reason. Tatsu would win in every catagory. Scenery because its station is themed to look like a Japanese building. Setting because it takes advantage of the terrain ( the top of its pretzel loop is just barely above the station). Layout is pretty obvious. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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