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September 10, 2011

The Golden Ticket Awards are coming up in a few weeks, they are considered to be the Academy Awards of the amusement industry. I decided to make my own way to distinguish parks and coaster in a less conventional way, you’ll see what I mean when you read the awards. The winners are my personal favorites you are welcome to add your picks in the comments. These awards are for fun and are not that serious.

Coaster Awards

Best Lift Hill and Drop: Millennium Force

I have hardly ever seen anyone with another choice for best lift and first drop. With a 300 foot, 80 degree drop beside Lake Erie how can you go wrong?

Best Scenery: Expedition Everest

They built a 200 foot tall mountain for this coaster, what more do I need to say?

Best Inversion: Storm Runner’s Flying Snake Dive

I haven’t been on Storm Runner but I’ve heard that its Flying Snake Dive is amazing, the Coaster Critic even chose it as one of his memorable coaster moments.

Best Airtime on a Steel Coaster: Goliath at Six Flags over Georgia

Goliath is an airtime machine, from the first drop to the last hill you spend more time out of your seat than in it! The only time that there isn’t airtime is on the insane helix. Plus the only restraints are small lap bars that don’t restrict your movement in any way.

Best Airtime on a Wood Coaster: El Toro

I haven’t been on El Toro but it is supposed to have the best airtime of any coaster anywhere. It is also as smooth as a B&M steel coaster.

Best Launch: Top Thrill Dragster

With a 120 mph launch in four seconds it seems like there is only one other coaster that can top it and that’s Kingda Ka. However TTD has no shoulder restraints so it allows you to put your hands up easier.

Updated on 9/14/11!!!

Scariest Coaster: Ultra Twister at Six Flags Astroworld

This ride was terrifying, you would climb up a slow lift towards the top where you would drop straight down! plus the entire ride was inside of these rings that make you feel like you are going to become decapitated at any moment. Overall it was a very scary ride (Thanks to Matt P for suggesting this award).

Updated on 9/16/11!!!

Most Intense Coaster: X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Just because Ultra Twister is the scariest coaster, that doesn’t mean it is the most insane. X2’s cars can flip both forward and backward 360 degrees, you can imagine what this ride is capable of. It also has a 215 foot straight down drop. The most unique part of it is the unusual inversions though. (A close second is Maverick at Cedar Point)

Park Awards

Best Music: Epcot

The music in the Future World section stays in my head for days after I visit and they play music from each of the countries in The World Showcase.

Best Park for Steel Coasters: Cedar Point

With 17 coasters 15 of them steel, three in the top ten Golden Tickets this is defiantly my choice for best park for steel coasters. Their lineup of woodies isn’t very good though.

Best Park for Wood Coasters: Holiday World

Holiday World is a relatively small park in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. However they have the most impressive wooden coasters of any park that I’ve seen in any park. All three of their woodies have been featured in the Golden Tickets Best Wooden Coaster Award, Both The Voyage and The Raven have won first place for multiple years.

That’s about it. If you can think of any more awards please post a comment and, if it is a good idea, I will post it.

What do you think? Please Comment. Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


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  1. piedude81 permalink

    I’d agree with everything but Millennium Force having the best lift hill and drop. Honestly, I enjoyed Mavericks’ launch/lift hill and more intense beyond vertical drop more than Millenniums’ taller drop, but they’re both amazing. Note: The drop on Millennium Force has more airtime though.

    • Maverick’s drop was fun but I liked the view on Millennium Force’s lift more. I love both of these coasters and gave them both 10 out of 10s, read my Maverick review here

  2. Matt P permalink

    Cool list. Millennium’s drop is the best! I would also put an award for smoothest coaster. For me, it is Nitro. I haven’t been on Goliath(SFOG), but that seems good also. I would also put an award for scariest coaster, for me I dont know. Good list though, by the way I hope in the GTA el toro finally beats voyage, although i havent ridden voyage el toro is awesome and i would like it to win for once, to show el toro can beat voyage in amusement today(mitch hawker had el toro as #1 wooden coaster). Also, I hope Millennium keeps the title of best steel coaster.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately I have no idea what the smoothest coaster I have been on is, I haven’t ridden Nitro yet (I really want to). Scariest coaster is a good idea though. πŸ™‚ I’m not sure if I want El Toro beating The Voyage, I haven’t been on either of them so I don’t have an opinion of which is better, I just know that The Coaster Critic said El Toro has better airtime. He gave them both tens so they are really close. I hope Millennium Force keeps the best steel coaster award too, it is always nice to be able to say that you’ve been on the best steel coaster on the planet. Thanks for reading (and commenting)!

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