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Leviathan is Coming to Canada’s Wonderland in 2012

August 18, 2011

Leviathan, is opening in 2012 at Canada’s Wonderland near Toronto. It will be Canada’s largest coaster at 306 feet tall, 5,486 feet long, and 93 miles per hour. It will also be Bolliger & Mabillard’s largest and first Giga Coaster. Since Canada’s Wonderland already has a hyper coaster by B&M, this will kind of be like Millennium Force was to Magnum XL 200. Magnum has all of the hills but MF has more speed and overbanked turns.

Leviathan’s blue track will snake its way up the first 306 foot hill and then drop down an 80 degree drop. At the base of this the trains will be traveling at a speed of 92 MPH. Next the riders will be brought up to the top of a 147 foot tall, 115 degree hammerhead turn. After dropping back to Earth the trains navigate a turn to the right before taking on a 180 foot tall camelback hill where, I’m sure, airtime will abound. The trains will then navigate another hammerhead turnaround. There are a few more hills and turns on the way back towards the station. One last over baked hammerhead is in place before the riders are brought onto the final brake run. One thing that I’ve noticed about the ride is that there are no trim brakes at all, most B&M coasters have them so this is a surprise. You can find out more at

What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. GuiFolgueira permalink

    Looks like a nice coaster, probably packed with airtime and G-forces, and smooth as all B&Ms. Definetly would like to go on it! Canada’s Wonderland first added a hyper (Bahemoth), than now a giga, i hope they add a strata! Smart move from B&M, now they can compete with Intamin with the giga coasters!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    there are trim brakes

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