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The 5 Best Ride Manufacturers

August 16, 2011

For this post I will be listing my top 5 favorite ride manufacturers. In descending order:

5: Gravity Group (I haven’t been on any of the Gravity Group’s coasters so they might actually be higher than 5th place.)

The Gravity Group hasn’t  designed many coasters, but three of their nine are listed in the top ten wooden coasters. The Voyage at Holiday World (pictured) has been the #1 wooden coaster in the Golden ticket Awards for 3 or 4 years now. Ravine Flyer at Waldameer has been in the top 5 because it jumps over a highway twice. Hades at Mount Olympus park has been in the top ten because it has the longest underground tunnel on any coaster in the world. So, even though the Gravity Group is small, they have quite a good reputation.

#4: S&S Worldwide:

S&S Worldwide used to be called S&S Power. They are the creators of the compressed air launch concept. This type of launch blasts riders from zero to 107 mph in less than two seconds on Dodonpa. They are also the owners of the 4th Dimension coaster, this type of ride allows the train to flip forwards and backwards, head over heals, independently from the track. They have come out with what is possibly the most insane coaster ever: the Screaming Squirrel (pictured). The cars are pulled up to the top and then flip downward and hang upside down before flipping right side up again.

#3: Gerstlauer

Gerstlauer has ended up being one of the most famous coaster designers thanks to their Euro-Fighter coasters. These lift you straight up and then drop you at 97 degrees (even steeper than straight down!). They also make launched coasters (pictured) and spinning coasters. Recently, Gerstlauer has created Launched-Euro-Fighters, These not only have the vertical lift and past vertical drop, they also launch you! This can sometimes double the length of the ride so you get two coasters for the wait of one.

#2: Intamin

Intamin does everything, from the world’s tallest and fastest coasters, to family rides, to the coaster with the most inversions, Intamin does it all. Four of their coasters are in the Golden Ticket’s top ten steel coasters list, Millennium Force, Bizarro, Expedition GeForce, and Top Thrill Dragster. They also have a good standing in the wooden coasters list with #2, El Toro. Cedar Point’s most recent four coasters have all been Intamin, Millennium Force, Wicked Twister, Top Thrill Dragster (pictured), and Maverick.

#1: Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M)

B&M is without a doubt my favorite coaster manufacturer. Their coasters are known for incredible smoothness and crazy elements. They pioneered inversions such as the Dive Loop, Zero-G-Roll, and the Immelmann. They also were the creators of the inverted, floorless, and dive coaster designs. They dominate most top coaster lists with 20 rides in the top 50 coasters in the Golden Ticket Awards (more than any other manufacturer). Seven out of my top ten are made by B&M. They are one of the most legendary coaster designers in the world.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite manufacturer? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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