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No Limits

July 22, 2011

No Limits is a coaster simulator that allows you to create your own roller coasters. It is a lot like the program that actual coaster designers use, although it is a bit easier.

It takes a while to make a good coaster, its not like Roller Coaster Tycoon. It’s not a program that you can just pick up and become a pro in a few minutes. It is the most realistic coaster creator out there though (besides the actual thing of course). The only limits that I can think of are space, brakes, and launches. Space isn’t a problem because there is plenty of room, although it isn’t unlimited. The most force that brakes slow you with is 4Gs of force. Launches shoot you with 5Gs at most. Other than that though, anything is possible.

OK, I don’t want people thinking that I dislike No Limits, here are some of the good things about it. Other than those three things, It has no limits to what you can build. There are about 25 different types of coasters, all of them can go upside down and launch (even woodies).

No Limits lives up to its title of being the most realistic coaster simulator. I would recommend getting it for anyone who likes designing coasters.

What do you think? Do you have No Limits? Please comment. Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    I have this, but cant figure out how to get the coaster train to move in the right direction. Every time I build a coaster and i have it simulate it, the coaster faces opposite of the lift hill and goes the other way. 😦

    • Hmmm, there are two buttons right next to each other, one of them allows you to add a segment to the back of the track and the other adds it to the front of the track. The one that adds to the back has a red circle on the left, blue track in the middle, and a pink triangle on the right. The one that you are looking for has the blue track on the left and the red circle on the right, there is no pink triangle. Here is a help website for any other questions you may have, it is for an older version so it might not have all of the features that yours has. I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. GuiFolgueira permalink

    I love NoLimits, but it is a bit difficult to make a really good coaster. Love the supports, they look so realistic!

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