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June 30, 2011

Takabisha is a new coaster opening at Fugi-Q Highland in Japan this year.

Made by Gerstlauer, Takabisha is the largest of their coasters (it also looks like the best). The ride starts inside of a building where it will make a few turns and a drop before navigating a heartline roll. This leads to the launch where the 8 person cars will be accelerated to 62 mph (this is still indoors). The riders will then blast out of the building and into a gigantic loop-like inversion. This leads to an interesting Cobra-roll element. There is a corkscrew/loop that follows this before Takabisha’s first airtime hill. The rides will be slowed on a brake run before turning around and ascending a 141 foot vertical lift hill. At the top brakes hold the cars in place before they fall down a world record drop of 121 degrees (this is so steep that it qualifies as an inversion!). The riders will then be treated to a dive loop, overbanked turn, and finally an Immelmann loop before hitting the final brakes.

Takabisha will have a total of 7 inversions:

Heartline roll


Cobra Roll Element


Saxophone (the 121 degree drop)

Dive loop


What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading! 🙂



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  1. Laura permalink

    Great to see you back posting coasterguy. Good post!

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