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Superman: Ultimate Flight

March 15, 2011

What is it with superhero themed posts (my last 3 have been about them)? Superman: Ultimate Flight is a flying coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia. When it opened it was the first and only flying coaster in the world to incorporate a Pretzel Loop.

It lies in the back of the park near my all time least favorite coaster Ninja, although it is a lot bigger. The ride is painted red, blue, and yellow, The trains start in the station, hanging below the track. When it is time to start they tilt up so that riders are facing the ground with their backs next to the track. The lift is 106 feet tall and has a 100 foot swooping drop, this leads to the ride’s signature element, the Pretzel Loop. It is essentially a vertical loop flipped upside-down so that riders enter and exit at the top. There are some Gs at the bottom that push you into your seat, this element can be dizzying for some people, but is fun nonetheless. We glide through a helix and fly through the inside of the Pretzel Loop. A horseshoe turn follows this and then another turn that goes through the first ever tunnel on a flying coaster. The tunnel’s problem is that it is just a bit to short, It would be cool to see a longer one on another flyer. Around another turn and into the heartline roll we go, this is another moment that regular coasters just can’t simulate because of the position of their riders. After this the train hrits the final brakes and is taken back to the station. This ride is very popular so there have been two more copies in America and one in China

Superman was fun but it was to short. I am giving it a 7 out of 10

Have you been on Superman? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    I like superman for the flying position but other than that I dont think it is that great. I think it is overrated, because all you do is drop, 2 inversions, and a bunch of tunrs. There are usually 30-45 minute waits for this ride at SFGAdv, and I dont think it is worth it. So, now I try to get to superman first so I get on quick. The flying position is cool, but it needs more elements. I cant wait to try tatsu at SFMM, it looks great! I would give superman a 6 or maybe 7.

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