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Cheetah Hunt

March 4, 2011

Cheetah Hunt is a coaster that will open at Busch Gardens Tampa in late spring 2011. It is the third Intamin Blitz coaster to be made (although it isn’t listed on the RCDB as one), will feature three launches and one inversion. The longest coaster in Florida used to be Expedition Everest, now this will beat it by 5 feet, and a total length of 4429 feet (most people are taller than 5 feet so they are really close)

Cheetah Hunt is a very beautiful coaster, The colors are nice and the supports on the figure 8 element are amazing. As the train leaves the station it will have a small 30 mile per hour launch around  a corner, then it will dive into a trench for the second launch. This is the fastest on the ride and is 60 miles per hour, then the very awesome trains (middle picture) shoot up the first hill into the figure 8 (left picture). The ride then traverses some turns and into the heart-line roll/corkscrew inversion. This will lead to the trim brakes at the far end of the course (right picture), it then curves around two turns and just misses a waterfall. The next section is pretty craze because it zig-zags back and fourth through a canyon (bottom left picture). We then engage another launch that is 40 miles per hour. This sends us hurtling toward the largest airtime area on the ride, there is a parabola-shaped hill where, it looks like ejector airtime will be prominent. On the return trip it curves around some turns and over some other hills (it will even go over the skyride). It finally hits the final brakes and returns to the station.

What do you think (I hope I wasn’t too complicated with my descriptions)? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. rtggamer permalink

    Another great post, coasterguy!

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