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Hydra: The Revenge

February 6, 2011

The (fake) Legend Of Hydra

Once upon a time, their was a wooden hero whose name was Hercules. He was the son of a god, one of the most powerful gods in Dorney Park, of course this was the god Philadelphia Toboggan (PT). PT was very proud of his son and always took good care of him, but like all sons Hercules grew up and moved away from his father. Hercules might not have been the best demigod ever, he constantly hurt people who were brave enough to climb on him. Well another great god of Dorney Park B and M-ules decided that he’d had enough of this merciless Hercules, so he sent his own son the great and terrible Hydra to fight him. There were two enormous battles  between these two titans, on the first battle was the most famous, Hercules killed the Hydra… or so he thought. In the winter of 2004/2005 Hydra came out of the swamp and challenged Hercules to a final battle, Hydra had become even more twisted and beat the older Hercules out of the park forever. Hydra decided that he would live where Hercules had lived for years…

Hydra sits at the back of Dorney Park and it isn’t very tall so you can’t see it until you are close. Their isn’t much theiming on this ride except for the stones all around, but that leaves us no choice but to look at the coaster (no problem here). Hydra is a B and M floor-less coaster, so while you are still in the station the floors drop out and you begin your journey. The ride has a first of a kind element: a twist before the lift hill. There are a couple seconds of hang time as you roll, this is the best part of the ride even though it is the slowest. After that you climb up the 95 foot lift hill and down the drop. The next inversion is pretty unique too, it is called an Inclined Dive-loop. This is a nice inversion and it looks really nice (it is in the upper left corner of the picture above). You then flip through two consecutive twists, and straight into the cobra roll. This is one of the nicer ones that I have been on and it is taken at a good speed even though you are 2/3 of the way though the ride. There is a small hop over the first twist and then a corkscrew. The final element is an upward helix onto the break run.

I really enjoyed Hydra: The Revenge, It has perfect pacing and the twist before the lift is something unique, however is just wasn’t the best coaster out there, so I am giving it a 8 out of 10.

Have you been on Hydra? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Hydra is a good coaster. It is at my home park of dorney, so I ride it alot. It is the best in the back, because you get pulled down the hill and seem like you go very fast. The only thing about hydra that I dont like is that its hill is so short. It might be the smallest B&M coaster ever. Definitely B&M’s smallest floorless coaster. Still, it is a good and fun ride.

    • Actually I think Dæmonen at Tivoli Gardens is smaller, They didn’t have much room to build the ride so B&M made it have lots of turns. I think Hydra is 2nd smallest.

      • Matt P permalink

        Oh ok, well i was wrong. Hydra is 2nd smallest i guess, but size doesnt really matter here I guess because it is still an awesome and fun ride. Daemonen looks alot like Batman-The Dark Knight at Six Flags New England.

    • There is also Krake at Heide-Park Soltau it is a tiny dive coaster.

      • Matt P permalink

        WOW that is tiny! It is very interesting and cool that the splashdown is right after the drop. Krake must be one of the shortest (in length) coasters. (drop, loop, little hill, end.)

        • Yea, The only dive coaster I’ve been on is SheiKra, it isn’t a tiny coaster at all. Oblivion is also short but it it pretty tall (if you count the underground part).

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