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Expedition Everest

February 6, 2011

Expedition Everest is a highly themed coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Florida. The ride is mostly inside of one of the largest structures ever made for a ride, a replica of Mount Everest. The ride is one of the tallest coaster that Disney has ever made too.

This coaster’s line is even themed excellently. There is a temple and a ski shack with all of the necessary equipment for a hike to the summit. Once on the ride you will see how great the trains are themed, they have a fake engine at the back with steam coming out of its top. The ride starts with a nice ride through the wilderness, before a climb takes you up through a temple that is so much bigger than the one in the line. This is filled with artifacts and pictures of the Yeti, a snow monster who is guarding the mountain and doesn’t take kindly to strangers. you leave the temple and climb up the mountain near the snowy peaks. once ot the top there is a quick turn and then you stop, the track ahead of you is twisted and bent skyward. It is fairly obvious that we won’t be getting through here right now, so “where are we going?” is a question most people ask right now. The answer is soon given because you start shooting backwards through the dark recesses of the mountain. Finally you stop in a large chamber where a small bit of light is shining through suddenly you see the shadow of the Yeti looming above you, and he is tearing up more track! Just as he sees you, the train moves forward again and you think “oh what a relief, we didn’t get hurt”, well you might want to rethink that as suddenly your train drops down the side of the mountain. the train track twists back up into the mountain and just as soon as you are back out of the darkness you are in the light again. Twisting and turning around you shoot back into the mountain, only to discover that the Yeti is right there he is reaching closer and closer. Somehow we make it out alive and as we step out of the train that has taken us through this journey we are reminded that there are more trains leaving all the time…

I enjoyed Expedition Everest and it is a nice addition to Animal Kingdom, However it could get a little bumpy at points. so I am giving this a 7 out of 10.

Have you been on Everest? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. šŸ™‚


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  1. rtggamer permalink

    This coaster was really fun! Great reveiw coasterguy!

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