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The Beast

February 5, 2011

The Beast is as legendary as coasters come. When it opened back in 1979 it broke all records for height, speed, drop, and of course length, and booted King’s Island to even greater fame than before. At a grand total of 7,359 feet of track it still holds the record for longest wooden coaster, even after more than 30 years that is still it’s claim to fame. The station looks like a sawmill, this gives a nice touch to the ride as it starts on its course. As the ride begins it turns around a curve to the left up the first lift-hill.

The drop goes straight into a tunnel that doesn’t look like it is big enough for the trains to fit through. Once underground we shoot out above into another hill and then another and then a really long covered brake run that slows the train down considerably (AWWW) but we’ll be happy for that in the Beast’s second course. You shoot down underground at one point but i don’t want to spoil this part for you so eventually you reach the second lift hill. This is the first point during the ride that we can see the rest of the park. But we just can’t take our eyes off of the infamous covered helix that we know we are about to get pulled through.

The worst part is that the hill leading down to the helix is only 18 degrees so their is no huge rush of speed, instead it is a slow agonizing crawl to top speed. but once we get to top speed it is an insane rush, raging through the tunnel at what seems like 100 miles per hour is a crazy feeling (but good crazy). The forces are pushing us toward the outside but just as they became to bad we pull out and the Beast skids onto the final brakes.

I thought that the Beast was a little rough but it was still a fun coaster, in fact it is my favorite Wooden coaster anywhere. I am giving it an 8

Have you ridden the Beast? Do you like it? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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