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Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia

February 5, 2011

At first glance this coaster looks pretty cool, but it actually ends up being the opposite. Ninja is situated over a lake at the back of the park. As we walk into the station we notice that other than the ride ops there is no one here. Hmmm. After we get into the sleek black cars and pull down the uncomfortable restraints it is off for the ride.

Once at the top of the lift hill we slam down a drop, this is where the head banging starts,into a cool looking inversion called a butterfly. This is actually quite painful because it twists up and around a small inversion at a fast speed, all the while our heads are ricocheting, like a pinball, off of the rock hard shoulder restraints. Next we pound around a curve into the equally tight Reverse Sidewinder.  Around another turn are a pair of the worst corkscrews that I have ever been on. Fortunately the ride is almost finished by then, all we have is two more turns and onto the brake run (which stops you like a brick wall).

Once out I felt so sorry for the people who have to test this punishing ride every day. I was watching this ride because I wouldn’t go on it and I could actually see the trains shaking from side to side. This  will hopefully be the only 1 out of 10 I will ever have to give.


Have you been on Ninja? What do you think? Please comment. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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  1. Matt P permalink

    Wow, another rough old looper. I think this is made by vekoma. From this review I can tell why this coaster was originally named Kamikaze.(when it was at Conko’s Party Pier in New Jersey says wikipedia) Parks should follow in great adventure’s steps and remove them. Or, follow in Busch Gardens’ steps and put new wheels on their old loopers like BGW did to Loch Ness Monster. Or perhaps the best thing to do is what vekoma did to carolina cobra and sidewinder and put those great new trains on them.Going to SFOG next year, and I am not looking forward to this. Still, it is a credit and I will still ride it.

    • I’ve heard that they put one of Great American Scream Machine’s trains on Ninja and it is actually helping with the roughness, if you can get that train it might help with the headbanging some. It actually is kind of funny because SOG has a Great American Scream Machine too, it is a decent wooden coaster.

  2. Matt P permalink

    So I rode it when I was at SFOG and… it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe I got the Scream Machine train, I don’t know, but the headbanging didn’t hurt too much (for me it was neck banging, guess I am getting taller) and I thought it was fun in some parts. The worst headbanging for me was on the turns. The corkscrews I found fun and thrilling. It may have to do with the way I rode it that it was not too rough for me. I was scared when I was going up the hill due to the horrible reviews of it, so my riding position was: I held on very tightly and kept my back and head straight and against the back. I actually went on this twice because there was no line at all! I usually hate rough old loopers, but this one didn’t seem to affect me as much as the others (anaconda at KD, etc.). It might be that I got the Scream Machine train, or that it was more neckbanging for me cause I am taller now than I was the last time I rode an old rough looper, or my riding position. I am not sure, all I know is that it didn’t hurt me too much. It was comfortable by no means, but not the most painful ride out there for me. (For that, it is the Georgia Cyclone across the park, ouch!!)

    • Cool, I’m glad someone finally had an ok ride on it. All I remember was that my head was bouncing off of the restraints like a pinball. I was shorter then too so it might of had an effect.

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